Clash Talks Ep. 3 With Dado and Bima Girindra (Stepa)

In the third episode of Clash Talks, we have Dado and Bima. For those of you who don't know him, he's one of Jakarta's veteran skateboarders, Bima Girindra. He was well-known as the co-founder of Stepa Skateboard and a member of Senayan Skate - one of the OG skate gangs based in Senayan, Jakarta.

"Back then, we must buy the magazine in a few stores but today, everything is available on the internet." - Bima G.

D: Dado

B: Bima

Can you describe the skate’s scene back then? You can tell the kids and movements.
At first, I skated in 1993. The story begins when I used to live around Senayan and I used to ride my bike around that spot. During that time, I often see a few people playing skateboard, especially on Sunday Morning. After that, I bought the skate and joined them, there was Rico, Johan, and etc. I used to live in a few generations, it appears from fashion, style, references, and more. For now, I think the youth of today are more resilient and expert. This is good progress for us. Back then, we must buy the magazine in a few stores but today, everything is available on the internet.

How did the beginning story of Senayan skate? Who initiated the emergence of Senayan Skate?

Back before the appearance of Senayan skate, there was JSA (Jakarta Skateboarding Association). Actually, JSA is a Senayan skate right now in 1997 just because we regularly met at that time. As time flew by, we created Senayan Skate as a “the people who skate in Senayan” and created merchandise under that name.

“Music can dictate your character as a skater including fashion and style”. - Bima G.

Tell us about the progress of Indonesia's skate in the past and the present.
Everything has changed, It’s a positive thing and at present, we have a lot of good skaters. The difference is how they play, how their style, music, and fashion. If we look at the past, most of us wearing the baggy pants and fat sneakers such as eS, DC, oversized T-Shirt, the references we used to watch like I remember when one of us bought the skate video and we watched it with tons of friends to learn the tricks and listen to the skate music.

Skill or style?
I prefer style, I mean the proportion of your body, it affects the moves while you skate.

Favorite skate film?
Girl Skate! it is the most “kool” skate film. Several of Jakarta’s skate films are also cool, one of them is Malacca, I forgot the title for the other. Bali and Bandung also have a great skate film and they had each character. That’s awesome!

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